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Where is Jinhae?


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Most of my "Eye on Korea" images in this gallery were created nearby my home in GyeongHwa Dong (Village) in Jinhae Gu (District) of Changwon Si (City) which is  located in the southeast corner of South Korea. The image below is a view of Jinhae facing south just after sunset from the top of Anmin Gogae (Anmin Pass), a vantage point that can be reached on foot or by car via Anmin Gogae Gil, a mountain road going from Jinhae to Changwon located on the north side of this mountain range.  

Korea is 70% mountains with the cities snuggled in the valleys.  Jinhae is surrounded on 3 sides by mountains and faces Jinhae Bay to the south.  Jinhae is the home of the Korean Navy with a section set aside to house US Navy personnel.  At the bottom-center of this image you can see the Jinhae entrance to Anmin Tunnel which takes vehicular traffic directly through the mountain to Changwon on the opposite side.

Jinhae Comes to LifeJinhae Comes To Life