kathy robinson(non-registered)
hi joe,
You have some very beautiful pictures. Amazing what you find as you look around on your travels to capture and share with so many others, thank you. your gift from God is truly blessed as we can see by your captivating photos of His world He made for us to care for. i met you at the bishops burse in norfolk on march5th 2016. happy easter
God bless
Peg from Schenectady(non-registered)
Hi Joe - we met you on the Champlain Bridge - loving your photos!
BillandCat's Son(non-registered)
Awesome collection.
You don't just see your work, you experience it.
Thank you for sharing with everyone.
Joe i so enjoyed viewing your gallery. Always a pleasure to my eyes.
Wonjin Kim(non-registered)
Joe, I miss you.
Ron Montgomery(non-registered)
Joe, your photo imaging is fantastic. It brings back memories and makes me want to return to Koea just to see these things.
Very nice work. I especially like all the colors in the flowers/blooming trees.
Angie Young(non-registered)
Joe, we met in Las Vegas when you attended Photoshop World (Charlie's wife). Your pictures are beautiful. They tell a story without reading one line in a book. Great work.
Park kumnam
I really feel strong energe from " Eye on Korea 2010"
Great works!!
Wow Joe, you have a wonderful gallery, and website. I am sitting here looking at your slideshow and wishing I could capture photo's like this. Keep up the great work.
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