I am a photo enthusiast living in the fabulous 6 million acre Adirondack State Park of Upstate New York where there are fantastic photo-ops wherever one turns.  All of my images are created by first capturing the light with a DSLR camera; the initial digital data is then saved in Camera Raw format, which I then edit with post processing software to create the images you see here. In presenting these images, it is not my intention to document what exists at the moment, but rather to create digital images as a form of visual art for all to enjoy. Having said that, many of these images are almost straight out of the camera with some color corrections and digital gardening to repair minor flaws, while others are obviously heavy manipulated; that is what makes them so interesting.

Prior to moving to NY, I was a resident of Korea in the Jinhae district of Changwon City.  Many of the images taken in Korea are available in the form of "Eye on Korea" coffee table yearbooks from Adoramapix and can be accessed through the "PhotoBooks" menu. Many of the images taken after 2013 in the Adirondack Park are also available in the "Eye in the Park" coffee table yearbooks.